Enamel primer

If the air is contaminated with chemically active gases, the corrosive processes will spread very fast. Metal corrosion causes significant material loses to different branches of a state economy. Therefore, preventing corrosion is of paramount importance. 

The most easily available method for preventing the destruction of metallic surfaces is applying ground enamels. It is a two-in-one product: the primer coating + outer layer accomplish a protective and decorative function. The durability of properly processed surfaces increases in 2-10 times. The solution found widespread use in the oil and gas industry, railway industry, car manufacturing, etc. Glazed ground enamel is highly resistant to natural factors. 

How to choose a suitable type of ground enamel? We are always glad to help you to make the right choice. Contact us via the feedback form on our page, email or phone.

Primer enamel alkyd-urethane

DEFENS AL.UR-02 (1K) Primer enamel alkyd-urethane

A single-component alkyd-urethane primer enamel contains anti-corrosion additions that increase protective properties of the formed coating. Its modification with polyurethane increases resistance in excited environments and to UV radiation.
Primer enamel alkyd-urethane

DEFENS AK.UR-03 (2K) Primer enamel alkyd-urethane

A two-component high gloss akryl – urethane primer enamel containing anti-corrosion additions. It provides decorative and mechanical properties of the formed coating and a long service life.
Primer enamel alkyd styrene-modified

DEFENS AL.ST-01 (1K) Primer enamel alkyd styrene-modified

A single-component fast-drying alkyd styrene-modified primer enamel with anti-corrosion functional additions. It creates a uniform semi-gloss coating
Primer enamel alkyd

DEFENS AL.FAST (1К) Primer enamel alkyd

A single-component fast-drying alkyd primer enamel with a non-volatile content contains anti-corrosion additions that increase protective properties of the formed coating.