The one-component or bicomponent coating can be used as a interlayer between the ground coating and the protective cover layer. It is also can be applied as a full-fledged protective coating to increase the general durability of the construction and get the desired coloration. 

The coating is to apply to color preliminary primed and processed metallic and concrete surfaces. This kind of protection isn’t affected by weather elements, mineral oils, sunlight, and other external influences.

Enamel is used to create a decorative colored coating on railway cars, sea or car transportation containers, metallic and concrete constructions. There are different methods for applying it.

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Enamel alkyd styrene-modified

DEFENS AL.ST-11 (1K) Enamel alkyd styrene-modified

A single-component fast-drying high-gloss alkyd styrene-modified enamel.
Enamel acryl – urethane

DEFENS AK.UR-12 (2K) Enamel acryl – urethane

A two-component high-gloss UV- and weatherproof acryl – urethane enamel on acyclic polyisocyanate. It provides high decorative properties of the formed coating and a long service life.
Enamel acryl – urethane

DEFENS AL.UR-11 (1K) Enamel acryl – urethane

A single-component fast-drying weatherproof enamel of the basis of alkyd-urethane varnish. The coating consisting of Defens AL.UR-01 base coating and Defens AL.UR-11 enamel is an optimal budget system for anti-corrosion protection in a mild climate.
Enamel chlorinated rubber

DEFENS RUBBER-11 (1К) Enamel chlorinated rubber

A single-component chemically resistant fast-drying chlorinated rubber enamel. It provides high protective properties of the formed coating and a long service life.
Enamel hammer modified

DEFENS HAMMER-11(1К) Enamel hammer modified

A single-component fast-drying hammer enamel modified for better performance in atmospheric conditions.
КО (1К), КО-815, КО-85, КО-813, КО-814 (ГОСТ 11066-74)

DEFENS КО (1К) КО (1К), КО-815, КО-85, КО-813, КО-814 (ГОСТ 11066-74)

КО-815 varnish is one-pack, based on polyvinyl siloxane and glyphtal resins, КО-85 varnish is based on polyvinyl siloxane and polybutyl methacrylate resins, КО-813 and КО-814 enamels are a mixture of varnishes (КО-815 and КО-85 respectively) with PAP-2 aluminium powder.