Fire protection

Object - Distillery, Belgorod-Dniester. Used material : fire-retardant paint Defens M.

Object - SEC, Kharkov. Material used: fire retardant paint Defens M.

Object - shopping center, Kyiv. Used material : fire-retardant paint Defens M.

Object - sports complex, Chisinau, Moldova. Used materials : Defens M, Defens EP-06 (2K), Defens AL.ST-01 (1K) .

Object - logistics center, Lviv. Material used : Defens M 120.

Object - warehouse and industrial premises, Kiev region. Material used : Defens M, Defens MP.

Polymer floors

Object - hotel complex, Odessa. Used materials : Defens EF-121 (2K), Defens PE 01 .

Object - technical station, Irpin. Used materials : DEFENS EF-111, Defens PE 01 .

Object - a restaurant complex, Kiev. Used materials : DEFENS PE-02, DEFENS EF-131 .

Object - museum-estate, Kiev. Used materials : DEFENS PE-01, DEFENS EP-151, DEFENS EF-161 .

Restoration of old concrete floors, Dnipro. Used materials : Defens PE-01, Defens PE-04 .

Object - an ovochemical storage facility, Dnipro. Material used : DEFENS PE-04 .