Anti-corrosive protection of agricultural machinery is necessary to provide its safe operation and ensure its long lifetime without the need for repair. Moreover, to choose proper protective treatment, its essential to consider specific conditions of operation. The farm machinery can work in the fields not only in a warm season but also in the winter, under aggressive mechanical, temperature and chemical effects.

To provide reliable anti-corrosive protection, an integrated approach is required. We considered this while designing “DEFENS” coatings. Their carefully selected components allow to create a combination of several positive effects:

  • barrier protection implies creating a thin coating on the surface of the metal, that prevents its gradual destruction upon the environmental effects;
  • passivating components chemically prevent the process of corrosion itself;
  • sacrificial protection implies adding zinc, magnesium of aluminum powder, which will undergo the corrosion process instead of the protected metal.

We offer protective coatings for agricultural machinery and steel constructions used in the agricultural sector. Contact our consultants via phone or website to get detailed information about our products and make an order. Consider anti-corrosive protection before the corrosion becomes a cause of problems – and ensure the long lifetime of your equipment.

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