Railway industry

Railway industry

Building and maintaining of railroads implies using a vast amount of different metalwork constructions. Most of them are situated outdoors, therefore they need additional anti-corrosive protection. There are certain elements, that require treatment with modern anti-corrosive solutions:

  • metalwork parts of railroad stations and other railroad-related buildings;
  • tracks, mountings and other track equipment;
  • railroads rolling stock – railroad engines, carriages, trams, tank-cars;
  • bridges and other elements of railroad infrastructure.

Protecting these elements from climatic effects isn’t the only purpose of anti-corrosive treatment. The corrosion of trams or tanks can increase because of the effects of transported substances. Tracks and mountings suffer from repeated cyclical stresses, that can cause corrosion-induced metal fatigue.

“DEFENS” anti-corrosive treatments produced by our company will provide integrated protection of railroad steel constructions from different types of corrosion. Therefore, their lifetime will increase and the operation will get safer. Get in touch with our consultants via phone or our website, and they will find a solution, that is best suited for your goals. Using high-quality anti-corrosive protective treatments is a key to the long lifetime and safety of steel constructions.

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